Air Space (Adhyâropa, 2024)

Keyboard and percussion creates a soundtrack to the somnambulist’s night in the deep woods. 

For a Gallery on the Moon (Chant, 2020)

Meditative solo percussion featuring other worldly sounds

Fourth Dimension (Chant, 2019)

Jazz quintet featuring polyrhythmic compositions

Binary Suite (Circavision, 2019)

Computer augmented piano trio inspired by the singularity

Helium Music Project (Circavision, 2013)

Globally inspired jazz


Kamala SankaramCrescent (Neuma, 2024)

Avant-garde, operatic song-cycle for voice, electronics and percussion

Bombay Rickey (Cowboys and Indian, 2023)

Psychedelic mash-up of Bollywood, surf-noir and cumbia with soaring operatic vocals

Emilio Teubal: Futuro (Not Yet Records, 2023)

Impressionistic jazz with Argentine roots

Four Across (8Bells, 2008)

Modern jazz quartet