"Adler is a polyrhythmic force... New York City gritty yet still somehow capable of evoking the delicacy of a summer breeze... a band leader on the rise." ~Brad Cohan, JazzTimes.

"[Brian Shankar Adler].. emboldened to break through perceived limitations of the genre." ~Dave Cantor, DownBeat.

"Adler writes profoundly exquisite music... deeply meditative, striking interior chords, where the heart and the mind's inner ear intersect, bringing the whole body alive.” ~Raul d’Gama Rose, All about Jazz.

"Adler's music is sure-footed and, when called upon, majestic." ~David Dupont, Cadence Magazine.

"Genuinely original... talented, relevant, etc... For those who can use the whole of their senses to experience music..." ~Jamie Rattner, Performer Magazine.

“Adler’s pieces flow organically in pursuit of mystery, movingly existing in an ultimate state of fluidity… He gently infuses each with a rhythmic spinal column.” ~Jordan Richardson, Canadian Audiophile.

"A percussionist with a fierce rhythmic dynamism and a multiplicity of ideas." ~Troy Dostert, All About Jazz.

"Adler shines with virtuoso performances on the tabla, scrap metal and plastic." ~Amplified Magazine.

"Adler’s music blurs the lines between 'jazz' and 'world' music... a delightfully uplifting representation of his musical philosophy." ~Alexander Ariff, WBGO.

"Adler is an amazing instrumentalist... his bubbling, percolating rhythms carry the music forward in the most graceful possible ways." ~Dave Wayne, Jazz Review.com.