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Through rhythm we can connect, make new discoveries and spread joy.


Brian Shankar Adler works with students to develop their innate sense of rhythm and creativity. His teaching centers on the idea that rhythm lives in the body, in the world and in the universe; it is the interaction between place and time as marked through a physical energetic release. Influenced by his lifelong studies of various disciplines: Hindustani music, jazz, contemporary composition, conducted improvisation and more, Adler synthesizes the materials and approaches each student individually. With a focus on technique and repertoire, Adler helps students to embody music, develop their ears and break through perceived limitations.

Frequent Areas of Study





Hindustani Tala

Global Rhythms


On Faculty

Masterclasses Presented at

Brooklyn Conservatory, Carnegie Hall, Colby CollegeThe Cooperage, EMC Argentina, Hoff Barthelson Conservatory, Jersey City University, Mar del Plata Institute of Contemporary Art, National Guild For Community Arts Education, New York University, Portland Conservatory of Music, Seacoast Jazz Society, University of Maine, University of New Hampshire, University of Oregon, Vermont College of Fine Arts as well as others.


"Capturing an entire audience is a cherished skill of the experienced performer, and blowing the minds of every student in the class is the reward of the accomplished educator. Brian Shankar Adler accomplished both tasks with ease as he mesmerized everyone in the room with his amazing knowledge and skill.” ~Tom, workshop participant

"It is rare to find a course (and a teacher) that engages each member's creativity in an ongoing way. Brian's teaching fuses intellect, technique (at whatever level), and emotion and creates powerful memories. We will neither forget our constructions nor many others within the group." ~Carol Anne, workshop participant

"Professor Adler fosters a safe learning environment and approach to teaching with such careful precision resulting in a comfortable environment that allows for challenge, failure, success, and everything in between. I would leave the drum room lesson after lesson and think to myself how lucky I am to get to learn from him." ~Jakob, private student