Circavision Productions is a boutique production company that specializes in forward thinking musical content. 

Services include: scoring, recording, production, sound design, mixing, mastering, artwork and more.

Current Output:

Air Space: Cricket Cipher (2024)

Brian Shankar Adler: For a Gallery on the Moon (2020)

Brian Shankar Adler: Fourth Dimension (2019)

Ben Bryden: Figure of Eight (2019)

Brian Shankar Adler: Binary Suite (2019)

Brian Adler: Helium Music Project (2013)

A World of Percussion (2013)

Nicky Schrire: Freedom Flight (2012)

Prana Trio: Singing Image of Fire (2010)

Nick Kadajski: Remembering Things to Come (2009)

Four Across (2008)

Prana Trio: Pranam (2006)

Prana Trio: After Dark (2004)