Photo by Amanda Kowalski

Air Space is the sonic dialogue between keyboardist, Mike Effenberger and percussionist, Brian Shankar Adler. Inspired by the minimalist structures and analogue textures of artists like Brian Eno, Ólafur Arnalds, Jóhann Jóhannsson, and Nils Frahm, the duo transcends boundaries, creating an atmospheric soundtrack to the somnambulist’s night in the deep woods. 

At times sublime, at times combative, and always richly musical, the duo explores site specific new music. Their expansive sound comes from Effenberger's analog and digital keyboards and tape delays, pitted against Adler’s genre-defying use of percussion from South America, South Asia and the sewers of Brooklyn. Blending Indian raga, post-Cageian minimalism, and lo-fi nostalgia with an occasional field recording of crickets, tiny sparks fly while the music retains a deceptively serene appearance. Air Space debuted in 2022, in a casemate at Fort Gorges (Casco Bay), and in 2024 released its first album, Cricket Cipher (Adhyaropa Records).

Upcoming Performances:

3.3.23 WSCA. Portsmouth, NH 

Previous Performances:

2.4.24 Barbès. Brooklyn, NY

1.5.24 Center For Maine Contemporary Art. Rockland, ME

1.23.23 Washington Baths. Portland, ME

8.15.22 Fort Gorges. Casco Bay, Maine