Connecting rhythm, language, mathematics, geography, history, culture and environment through a study of musical concepts from around the globe.

A World of Percussion is a workbook, audio recording and workshop series that encourages participants to explore sound and rhythm through various percussion instruments, while learning about music from around the world.

It includes percussion études based on influential rhythms from: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Ghana, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Spain and The United States, and offers a context in which to understand cultural diversity with an eye towards global fluency.

Designed for groups, using a box notation system, it does not require prior knowledge of western notation.

As participants "travel around the world," filling in their rhythmic passport, they absorb a taste of various rhythmic traditions.

Percussion disciplines include: playing with hands, sticks, brushes, mallets, as well as vocal, body, and pitched keyboard percussion.

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“I love the overview of the countries. It's very insightful. A curious invitation for the young mind!" 

~Jamey Haddad, percussionist with Paul Simon and Sting.

Partnering Presenters

National Guild for Community Arts Education, Lifetime Arts, Portsmouth Music and Art Center, Bash the Trash, Hoff Barthelson Music School, Brooklyn Conservatory, Arts Westchester.